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We specialize in productivity, efficiency, and mine site production improvement.

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Harmony Gold chooses MPPIglobal in Asset Optimization

Harmony Gold has selected MPPIglobal to commence the first stage in their Asset Optimization project in PNG. The project will incorporate MPPIglobal unique design capability in Asset Optimization, Productivity and Efficiency improvement, coupled with Optimum Software, which is fast becoming the software of choice for many mining companies. Stay tuned for update as the project unfolds.

MPPIglobal opens up its Canada Office

After several months of planning the Canadian MPPIglobal office is now officially open. Positioned close to Toronto is has already gained interest from new clients wanting to understand more about MPPIglobal and Optimum. Congratulation to the team for establishing a strong presence in the North American region.

Aeris Resources Tritton Copper Operation Selects MPPIglobal for Asset Optimization Project.

The MPPIglobal team are working closely with Tritton Copper in their Asset Optimization project. Phase one is now well underway covering the underground mine. Stay tuned for commissioning over the next few months.

Newcrest Mining Selects MPPIglobal for Asset Health Project

The MPPIglobal team have again been successful in the asset reliability space commencing an advanced project incorporating predictive algorithm, advanced analytics and predictive dashboard. Congratulation to the Oceania team with a fantastic result to come.

Evolution Mining selects Asset Optimization/Production OEE solution

At the completion of the recent tender process, Evolution Mining has selected MPPIglobal and the Optimum software package as the preferred platform to be piloted with the aim of delivering asset optimization for its mining and processing operations. With the business focused on enhancing productivity and efficiency, MPPIglobal’s unique Production OEE model, continuous improvement package, and operational experience will be…

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MPPIglobal gains approval for a Canadian branch.

MPPIglobal has gained approval today to open a new branch in Canada providing increased capability in the North American Region. The office is planned to be fully operational by Q1 2018. The Director of MPPIglobal Chris Curtis had this to say. “Canada represents an important part of our overall strategic growth plan over the 18 months; I see this as…

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Optimum Software launches the new “Data Portal” module!

Optimum Software is considered by some to be one of the most advanced and innovative digital solutions in the mining minerals and metals industry today. It underpins MPPIglobal’s Asset Optimization solution by highlighting opportunities for productivity and efficiency improvement, production improvements and helps drives operational costs down. The new Data Portal module is one of the most versatile within the…

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Is TARP Continuous Improvement?

I have had a large number of people recently enquiring about the TARP module in Optimum, so it’s timely to provide a brief about what TARP is and how it works. Firstly, TARP is one of six modules in our Optimum Software suite. For those who don’t know yet, Optimum is the latest solution in how to maximize production, productivity,…

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Optimum now live at Martabe

MPPIglobal would like to thank all involved at the Martabe Gold Mine for their support in the recent deployment of Optimum at site. The Optimum project ran over a two month period which concluded with a small team from MPPIglobal attending site for five days to train, coach and commission. Optimum is monitoring the major production plant areas, quantifying lost…

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Optimum Receives 5-Star User Review

At MPPIglobal, we strive to develop on-going relationships to ensure that success for each and every client is a continuous journey.  We are thrilled when we see them achieving success with the help of our products and services. See Optimum’s most recent 5-Star review; click here.

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